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Saturday, May 29, 2010

5-29-10 Memorial Weekend Fishing Report

Who says we don't have a salmon fly hatch in the midwest?
Thank the Good Man for those big guys because the drakes have evaporited as of late.......

Come feel and hear the thunder
Last night I had off and went out with best buddy and guide at Teton Valley Lodge (Idaho) W.C. Paetz---wow as we would say it----- quite a barn burner, We were trying out his new 15'StealthCraft White Water Edition and had really enjoyed the full moon.

Great job this week, Jim, Dr. Ryan, (Roger-accidently hooked the biggest fish of his life), The Pollock bros. from Cleveland, Pete and the crew-----
I have these dates off next week: I have Tue, Thurs., Friday
Come join the fun
Captain Mike


Thursday, May 20, 2010

5-20-10 Fishing Report: Dry Fly Time

Par for this year so far things are heating up fast, with some possible 90 degree days next week, what does that mean get your dry fly rod oiled up because things are happening fast. I expect the next 10 days to be memorable. You name it is hatching with probably tonight the darker drake mr. gray showing himself nicely.

The Big Salmon Fly the Teranarsis is starting to pop----- In my opinion that is what most trout think a m0use going by them at night is.
Good friend Dr. Bell is reovering from quite a sudden issue that has caught him in ICU the last week lets send him some good trout prayers from the big man so he gets back on his feet like the old Jon. (if there is anyone who will rebound quick it will be him)
By the way if there was ever, ever some open days I would want to grab it would be these:
Sunday 5-23, Tuesday 5-25, Thursday 5-27
See ya on the creek
Captain Mike

Friday, May 14, 2010

5-14-10 Blessing of the Bikes Fishing Report

We finally got some rain not a blow out by any standard but enough to make good streamer fishing exist.,,,,,,,,,,,,, Good Streamers have been minnow looking in about a 3 inch size,,,the one in the mouth of that steelhead of Mac's has landed some quality fish,,,,,,.......Next week with the warm weather I expect to see some very good P. M. River Dry Fly Fishing,,,,Get your date,,,I have 5-19,20 and the weekend 5-22,23 off......
See ya on the Creek
Captain Mike

Good Friend and great customer Joe Reed calls a day in the boat with me is like a day in the Magic Kingdom at DisneyWorld his second favorite place,,,I thought that was kind of funny,,,but I do try to make any day on the water a blast,,,,finding the best river within an hour to fish,,,My 2 cents
Walt D.......

Thursday, May 6, 2010

5-6-10 Fishing Report

Hey guys May is here and so are the dry fly's. With the low and clear water the fish are really looking up nicely,,,the only problem of late has been the hurricane winds. There is a video of a nice drake hatch we had a couple days ago with a nice fish working on top and a score. I have been still finding steelhead for my clients that booked a year ago because the last 7 years we have had great May steelheading,,,,,,

I have next monday 5-10 and 5-13,14 open

See ya on the creek

Captain Mike