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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gone To Alaska Post

This is just pics and post for AK the Michigan fishing report is after this................We have a few openings for next years camp Aug 15th-Aug.22,,,book soon Mike

Great Trip to A.K.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8-27/28-08 Fishing Report

Well we had a good day on Wednesday with Dave and Marky,,,,,,,,Love fishing with you guys,,,,,,,I seem to have lost Dave's pics as of right know sorry Dave,,,,,Today with Jeff and Charlie Jeff had the hot hand landing a bunch of fish on one hot plug on the lower big man......He even landed a fish than broke the rod at the ferrel during the fight,,,,,,,,that loomis has fought a lot of fish,,,,,,,,,,

I had a cancellation next week if you want to get out and have your rod snapped out of your hand.............Give us a call


Monday, August 25, 2008

8-25-08 Fishing Report

Fishing on the Lower P.M. has started to take off,,,,,,,,,I will post some pics from A.K. which is just got back from but I have to catch up on a bunch of stuff.........

Big Mark and Dave with some nice fish,,,,,,,,Were hitting the big man tomorrow i will let you know how it goes
Captain Mike

Thursday, August 14, 2008

8-14-08 Off to AK Fishing Report

Hi guys the daytime hopper fishing on the upper p.m. has been good,,,Getting out in front of the boat in the clear water is very important,,,,,I think you have to get out early to get on the fish before the daytime canoe hatch and more notably tuber hatch affects the fishing...............Hoppers, ants, and my new secret damsel fly seems to be working the best..There are also tricos going in the morning giving you some action towards rising fish.......

I am off to Alaska and when I get back we will be switching over to salmon big time,,,,,,there are already border line fishable #s in the lower rivers around here so hang onto the trout as long as possible and I will see you all the 23rd of Aug......Hopefully

Book your fall dates in now

Captain Mike

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

8-05-08 Fishing Report

Hi guys fish are starting to look up,,,,,,,,The Little Man has some big chrome in it (no sense posting pictures) they are there, (and so are lots more trees,seep attached picture),,,,,,,,,,,,The day time trout fishing has been steady,,,,,The Pine is still in turmoil from the flood of 08 just will not clear up stay tuned...........