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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Fishing Report

Merry Christmas from everyone @ Baldwin Creek Lodge
Thanks for a great year!

LSSU Freshman Ryan lands his first fish of the day a great fighter!

Todd with Christmas Double stripe Male

Nephew Ryan goes out with Uncle Todd and lands his biggest. Great looking female

This buck sealed up a great winter day,
Skippers spread holiday cheer!

We had some fun with some traditional fly fishing methods, it helps when the guides unfreeze and you can cast some line!
Brandyn with a nice fish taken on green headed leach

A great fighter taken on a swung bug with one of Eumer's tube fly's with the cool washer head

Merry Christmas
If your looking to have some fun next week on the river the weather looks to be holding up give us a call.
Captain Mike


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

12-21 Fishing Report

Things have chilled up a bit since my last report. Shelf Ice, Slush etc. The boat ramps have become a bit of a pain and the winter extra effort is there but if your looking to have a break in your Chirstmas Vacation on the river your time will play fruitful with a adrenaline rush of the Almighty steel.

Debra comes through in the 9th inning for a landed steel

Duane all the way from California with a nice brown

Today was a bit colder than California weather but this helped the heat level in the boat

Been spending some time float hunting for whitetail with good friend W.C.
The deer yard up feeding on the cedar brows in the winter

I have some open dates around your chirstmas vacation give us a call.
See ya on the creek,
Captain Mike

Monday, December 13, 2010

12-13-10 Winter Fishing Report

Winter is here, yesterday we got a good push of snow and we have some cold weather ahead. Any day over 25 degrees should be worth a slide -literally into the river and a shot at some wild steelhead. The scenery is great and a visit from the eagles may be all you see for the day. Bill and I had a fun day before the snow came,,,,,,,,never getting the giant to the net but having a fun day in solitude.

Bill from the east side of the state is spoiled by our blessed splendor of migratory fish

The fish and the people have red cheeks in this weather

Captain Mike keeps the rust off with a splendid silver salmon

Bill with a fish that fought harder than it's size

Hooking a fish on a very long drift is a bunch of fun!

The fish were on the bite the day before the storm hit us....

Skips are fun to get the juices flowing

I have some open dates from now until Christmas,,,,
Looking forward to seeing you
Captain Mike

Monday, December 6, 2010

12-6-10 Fishing Report

Cold weather is here, along with some snow, (around 4-6 and still snowing) the winter blanket is very beautiful and the rain we got last week has brought some fresh fun fish in the system. Bring some gloves, hat and a camera----- things are really pretty this time of year

Jason with a bent rod to start the great two days of fishing. Secret d-icing guide systems are shared quietly this time of year.

Fresh winter fish are a bunch of fun this time of year

Two eagles small black spots click to enlarge try to kill a steelhead, do these guys have a bag limit?
1inch of ice accumulating on the tackle tray, it's amazing we still had good fishing considering how cold the outside temps were.

Here is the fresh steelhead the Eagles got-or tried to get before we saved him, believe it or not I was checking the inside mouth of this fish to see if it was a Coho or a steel(Kind of dark for a fall steel) ((It was a fall steel)) anyway when It came alive flipped off the log next to the river and swam away, Mr. Bald Eagle is mad,,,It is great this time of year when an eagle is the only competitor you have on the river.

Dr. Bell with a great fish in a winter back drop

Nice Coho, I wish this was our most populas salmon

You never know what your rod may be bent for

That will warm the hands up

One of the few males in a huge batch of hens

That was worth the drive from WI

First steel of the morning for the president and founder of the steelhead slut club

This red cheeked bute was a great way to end a great winter day on the water

Almost routine for the Dr.

Fresh fish can be aggressive even when it's cold

Jason was on a conference call and I decided to make sure the rust was still off

Fresh chrome is very addictive

If you look close you will see a smallish orange egg pattern these fish were getting kind of picky, although they didn't fight like the were that cold, the line from the weekend "Daddy can Fish"

This fish hit in the most obscure spot

Winter time fun

Steelhead Slut team in action, every hobby needs a hat, and a magazine

Winston is also a lifetime member

Jason say's "I don't even set the hook on fish that size"

Any day over 27degrees should make for some heart stopping action

This fish jumped way to many times considering how cold the water is!

Looks like an AK leopard rainbow

Low light is the time to converge on winter steel

This fish has not been in the system very long

2 friends enjoying a great day on the water!

Saturday was the drive to WI and Sunday started early with some of the best tailgating in the world, Go Pack Go,,,,Dr. Bell has the tailgate down to a fine science

We slummed it in the warm confines of the sky box, who says Green Bay is cold this time of year

I have some open days from now until Christmas, sh0ot me an email or call.
Guide trips are cool gifts and you don't have to go battle holiday traffic, Catie makes a nice Gift Cert.
See ya on the creek,
Captain Mike