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Saturday, May 31, 2008

5-31-08 Fishign Report

Fishing remains fair if you get nice warm weather with no gale force winds you will have a good hatch fishing......Both Big Larry,,Dan-o, and Jim had on fish that were pushing the 20"barrier but 4x and wood that big browns dive for when hooked will keep us turning at night,,,,,Overall we had great fishing for just getting into the fly fishing with dry fly's thing
see ya on the water
Captain Mike

Friday, May 30, 2008

5-29-08- !!Put on the Brakes We Got Drakes!!

Well if you like to fish on top (dry fly fish) the next month from today will be your best opportunities of the year. As many of you know the Pere Marquette has some of the most consistent mayfly fishing in the world and most of the browns are looking up.. Yesterday we had light sulphurs, tons of drakes a few caddis,,etc, etc,,,,,,,If you look closely (click on the picture) with my cheap digital camera you should be able to see the massive hatches over head,,,,,remember drake fishing is very good from 5:00 until dark,,,not like hex when the river is shut down until the main hatch,,,,,,If all you have ever done here (Baldwin Area) is fish the two main seasons you need to experience some of our great trout fishing. Grayling is a long drive f0r some::::: check out the Baldwin area tribs....

Today with Roger we had great fishing right when we launched we lost a couple very nice fish but landed countless 10-15inch fish and with a dry fly and a four weight that is a lot of funnnn in my book fishing small dry fly's is my favorite thing to do......

Our guides have some openings for the next month of hatch fishing,,,,,
Give us a call

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

5-27-08 Bach. Party Fishing Report

Well we are starting to see some Drakes in the system along with sulphurs and heny's,,,,Sat. on the MO was a lot of fun with only one good brown caught on streamers but lots of fresh water bones on the fly,,,,Sunday on the p.m. was better with some good bug activity,,,,,what a great weekend thanks guys

see ya on the river
Captain Mike

Thursday, May 22, 2008

5-22-08 Fishing Report

With the wild weather lately we have been getting out of the boat and doing some wading,,,,,wow we turned a dandy on a small river reallllllll close to here....see ya on the river Captain Mike

Monday, May 19, 2008

5-19-08 Fishing Report

Fishing is still steady hatches have been a nill but fishing the trout on the film on the Big River to the north has been steady.....Also we have been still pumping a few steel out of the river along with a few custom boats

Don proud new owner of a 16'shadow grass fly guide,,,,,,

Great time fishing with Jon and Kevin,,,what a great day on the river,,,,,,,,

see ya on the river
Captain Mike

Sunday, May 18, 2008

5-18-08 Fishing Report

Bring On the Trout!!!!!!!
The May Fly Hatches of the summer are coming!!!!
Get your late May and June dates in now
Captain Mike

Friday, May 16, 2008

Blessing of the Bikes Fishing Report 5-15-08

Had a great time fishing with Frank and son Joel,,,,as always it's always fun with Frank the Tank,,,,we had a big curse on us about getting fish to the net today (mostly because we were using such light line to get the fish to go) but finally we broke it........

See ya on the water soon
Captain Mike

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Baldwin Area Fishing Report

Hi guys fishing still stays steady,,,,,,,,Salmon Smolt and really light line were the key,,,,,small stuff rules when it's clear,,,,,trout are still feeding on the film but no real hatches of any kind on the big tailwater to the north,,,,,water is really low and at 6:00p.m. the water temp was 60 degrees,,,,so the fish have a little spunk,,,,,,,,,,,

p.s. great last of light double header Bill and George!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lets go fishing

Captain Mike

Monday, May 12, 2008

5-12-08 Fishing Report


Even things were bright and sunny later in the day the fish were still chewing,,,,small trout nymphs are working well,,,,the trout were really working the film and we drilled the trout on emergers and soft hackles,,,,I have a few dates open next week if you want a few last chances and our great fishery here in the century circle.

Buy the way book now for summer hex my June is getting really full!!!!!

See ya on the river
Captain Mike

Steelhead fishing is starting to wind down a bit but so have the fisherman,,,,even with the cloudy skies all day the bite was tough,,,the fishing in the dark water was really good though,,,,,trout and steel were not chasing streamers either,,,,,overall we did have a very fun day and I am sure have a next generation of day Tony and Kevin

See ya all on the creek
Captain Mike

Friday, May 9, 2008

5-09-08 Baldwin Area Fishing Report

Well guys like I said there still are some steel around,,,,the water up north on the Big is getting low so fishing an indi is the way to roll,,,,I wish we had planters like this on the p.m.........Hot fly's are salmon smolt,,,light nukes, peachy glo's,,,and small trout nymphs,,,,,By the way sturgeon are illegal to keep and technically even fish for,,,wow never seen a guy trying to drag one of those up the bank until today

Sent a couple sleds to AK today before my trip,,,have fun up there Jim see ya in August...

Be safe,,,,

Captain Mike

Thursday, May 8, 2008

5-08-08 Fishing Report


Hi fellas I told you we would have steel well into May,,,,,Here is proof,,,,If a mid 70 year old can hook this many fish just imagine what you can has been fishing with me for many of years,,,,,we also got some trout on top,,,caddis was working for us today but there are many henny's on my screen at Baldwin Creek meaning the henny's should be working on the p.m.,,,,,,,see ya on the water......

Captain Mike