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Sunday, June 10, 2012

6-10-12 Almost Better then sex we have sex

Upper Mo Smallie It's that time of year, pretty water and tons fo fish in the DAYTIME

Fun way to gain experience catching fish

Nice Bow on a drake

The 2 bugs I love, Hex and Terry

Stevo with a big smile finally he said!!!

Jeff with a nice trout, in the rain, on a dry

Dr. Dave with a nice trout to hand on the big man

Rain and rubber legged bugs drys why not

Tom a great hex eating brownie

Chris said you should have seen the one I lost it would have ate this one!

Brad with a chunky hex eating brownie

James with a mouse eating trout

Hunter hits a good fish before he heads to AK

James with a nice nighttime fish

Ian with a streamer eating brownie

Tana sticks a nice brownie before heading to AK

James won't be back until the end of Sep. the trout will rest

Well fishing is getting hot along with the weather.  I had the 18-19 cancel get on board,

See ya on the creek,

Captain Mike