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Thursday, December 15, 2011

12-15-11 Fishing Report

James gets a freshy on the STRIP!

The weather went from 55 yesterday to heavy winds and rain today great steelhead weather
Steelhead can warm the hands the old fashioned way

Still not a ton of snow so come before it devours us, there are plenty of steel to play with.

See ya on the creek
Captain Mike

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wed. November 30th

Dr. Sprague with an awesome chrome hen steelhead what a fighter

Rosy Cheeked Steelhead and Customers, I love this time of year

"Delivering a steelhead to the net is much harder than a baby"
this veteran OBGYN Dr says

The U.K.'s best fisherman Danny with a nice chromer

Steve enjoys some balmy 34 degree rain and wind for a chrome rod ripper

Possibly worlds best father/husband Steve W. deserves this guy in a warm rain

2 out, 9th inning, yup Mr. Dunn finally lands a chromer before he heads to Florida well done my friend, great time as always

Things are looking chrome around here, come up and enjoy the holidays before things get to icy, snowy and cold. I have some good dates opening up and the fishing is there!! See ya on the creek!!!

Captain Mike


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cancer Survivors

The reason for todays post is my 2 great friends that are battling cancer in there own heroic way. First my friend Stevo's wife is battling cancer and they just got back from a month in John Hopkins hospital in Maryland, we are praying for his daughter Sage, his son (BamBam) David and most of all his wife Margret.

My man man, great friend, one of a kind motivational person Joe Reed has been hampered with cancer and is going to his first chemo treatments this week, I KNOW as tough as Joe is he will battle through this and have on a head lamp this hex season, loving life at midnight chasing the big brown that is haunting him here are a few pictures that I have taken fishing with my great friend,

All of my friends out on the web say a prayer that Joe is back on the river soon!

As far as a real report me and Brent enjoyed a wonderful weather Friday and found some aggressive steelhead / salmon. We had good fishing for just a half day on the water. In a month I while really miss days like this, no ice in the rod guides, no icy boat ramps, if it's Late November and it's 50 you should go out and enjoy the day.

I have some open days next week, starting Wed, get up here and get a taste of fall chrome it's addictive..

Captain Mike


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy ThanksGiving Report

Marky with a fish that hit a small egg fly harder than I have ever seen! 2 days of fall steelhead where you had to work hard but the end result was just perfect! AS always great fishing with Hollywood Rue

Not bad for a retired cop!

Frozen guides 19 degrees morning temp, lets go hit the big man!

R Squared a.k.a. Ron Race with his first steel!!! Well done and very hard worked

Mike Big Lake Vet. lands steel on the last cast of the day right in the wood

Davey the youngest 75 year old angler I know

Dave has been fishing for steelhead many a years but he still loves that rod rip, can't wait until next fall guys

There is a few pictures for all of those that love the fish porn, If anyone knows how to make this blogger work easier I will be happy to post more often it takes forever to get this down somtimes,,,,,

Enough of my rambling I have a couple days open next week steel has not been every cast but every day you get a fight or a memory that is hard to forget that's what I love about fall-winter steel, if it was easy we would golf!!!!!!

Thank you every one for a great season for me on the river, I know I am getting grumpier as I get older, and your dollars our shorter so I apreciate you choosing Captain Mike over all of the other better guides................

See ya on the creek....

Captain Mike,

Friday, November 18, 2011

Hey guy sorry for the long lapse in reports no good excuse, my best year for bookings mixed with a one year old, growing boat company etc. etc. I will try to keep up with the once a week thing. As far as fishing goes the upper p.m. actually has fishable #'s this fall going to winter, my best fishing for #'s has been on the lower big man, and p.m. Little Man is fishing better than it has in probably 5 years anyway great time to be out.

I finally have some open dates next week.......Looking forward to seeing you all this late fall winter....

Thanks for our best year ever!!!!!! Without you great customers we would be no where!!!!