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Saturday, June 28, 2008

6-27-08 Fishing Report

I don't like to be a fish story guy but Joe lost a brown that I could easily say was over 30"inches, and in the same area lost another 24" after about 3 casts,,,,,,,,,we were casting and casting at these fish changing fly's everything could not get them to go and we went lighter line longer tippet next good drift pow,,,but we didn't land the fish,,,,,,,,,the real big fish didn't break us off he just head shaked us loose...........we did land this guy in the rainnnnnn before the hatch blind fishing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i guess a pig like we lost is no match for a Winston five weight

Well another great day on the river with Joe, a very good hex fisherman

I have a few open dates next week

Friday, June 27, 2008

6-26-08 Fishing Report

Hi guys we had better bugs last night but not the onslaught that you would think with as warm as it was last night,,,,,,,,Hex will always keep you scratching your head,,,,,,,As the hatch goes on the fish get smarter and fuller,,,,,,you have to really be on your game,,,,,,,,

I expect to still have another week of fun on the p.m..........

I have a few open dates next week......

Yesterday's trip with Roger and Alan
Wow look at the progression of Alan's fish he goes first trout on a fly in a long while to trout of a lifetime in a period of a couple hours......Big Roger lost a fish last night that made me just fall to the bottom of the boat and weep for a while anyway good day on the water

Captain Mike

Thursday, June 26, 2008

6-25-08 Fishing Report

The hatch last night was a little off,,,here are some pictures of me and John Kluesing's trips the last couple days,,,,,We have a few dates open next week

Great season so for with the big bugs,,,and i chose not to post pictures of the adronimous fish we landed last night,,,,because of the controversy behind it.......

see ya on the river

Captain Mike


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

6-25-08 Fishing Report

Hi guys well just want to say in the last couple weeks I turned 30 and got married, wow that was a whole lot to digest......I guess life if for real now..........Anyway I through a few pics of me and my wife Catie in the Mayan Rivera,,,,,I will post pics of the Big Cudas, and Travail's I landed when I was down there but they are on my wife's camera which I can't seem to figure out (I am sure that doesn't surprise anyone that has been around me and how Techy I am)

Tonight's fishing with Steve "o" was great we have a couple more of the silver sides that I won't post to offend a few people,,,but the corn cobs were biting great

We have a few scattered dates open for the next couple weeks of fishing the big bugs give us a call and get in on the fun,,,,,,,,,

Talk to you soon
Captain Mike

6-23-08 Fishing Report

We have some bugs around just got back from my honeymoon the river is down and the fishing seems to be great,,,having all this water has made the fishing realllly good......

We have a few open dates the next three weeks,,give us a buzz


Monday, June 9, 2008

6-08-08 Fishing Report

The water has really risen in the past couple days with the river reaching it’s banks and a bit over in a few spots. Last night the rain put a hamper on our hatch fishing but it brought on the feed bag for the big browns I like to call corncobs. We had some camera malfunctions probably because of the absolute hurricane 1in per minute rain at the end of the night brought to us, but we landed a couple nice fish and turned a couple fish that will give you night terrors. Remember in the summer months if the rain is a fairly cold one, when the river is rising the fishing (streamer) is off the hook, the big daddy’s that never come out will come out of there secure log jam etc. and swim freely in the dark tannic water. Anyway the hatch fishing should start turning on with the better weather. Remember be versatile I would rather hook a fish on a dry,,,but a pork belly brown on a streamer isn’t always so bad either.

Great fishing with the killer B’s last night (Brett, Brian, Brent) good time, good charma, bad storm at the end

See ya on the water,,,

Captain Mike

Friday, June 6, 2008

6-5-08 Fishing Report


Fishing was kind of slow yesterday with the torrential down pours we had. Turned a couple huge fish on streamers but never really had them on long enough to do much than scream. We mostly fished on top Joe is a top dry fly fisherman and we tried everything in the fly box with very few actual bugs coming out to play with the rain. We did lose a real big fish and we landed quite a few smaller fish and a few of these nice rainbows that fought great on a three weight. With some nice weather you can expect great dry fly fishing. Our June dates are going fast give us a call and have a great time fishing the great Mayfly hatches we have here.

See ya on the water,

Captain Mike


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

6-2-08 Fishing Report

First dry fly steel of the year

We have good drake and hex trips open for the next three weeks see ya soon
Captain Mike