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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Noticed I have not posted any kind of pictures or report lately, been very busy with the boat company blessing of the bikes etc.  Went to the Catskill Mountains (Great Country) to drop some boats off.  If you like big water lots of bugs and out west like country there is no place better, when your there fish and stay with these guys.  ,,, Wayne took me and James Johnson Jr. for a float on the West Branch of the Delaware river was flooded but we did amazingly have good dry fishing in the evening. 
Chris C. With a A nice trout

Wow this really works

Something I like to do when I have a free second

Timmy with a nice bow

You can't paint them that nice

Greg with an emerger eating trout

Things are about to erupt, a regular fly soup on the P. M. Big man has caddis and emerger stuff going full swing, The MO is having nice trout fishing caddis and gray drakes,,,,Plus it's getting to be smallie time above tippy dam and on the upper mo,,,

I will be excited to start landing some pig browns on the p.m., hex's are coming off local lakes already......kind of scarry but I expected it, the colder nights have been keeping things down a bit.......

see ya on the creek
Captain Mike

Friday, May 4, 2012

Small Creek 200 feet above Sulak Ramp

Karl and Brother in Law Chet had some fun in the rain!!

Matt get's my first lights out fish of the year

Bob with a nice drop back steel they chrome up fast and boy do they fight.

Andy my Permit Ninja with a nice steel

Matt B hosts a great week of fishing!!

Mike's finally getting the steelhead to hand thing down

Shane with a great buck

Nice fish Mike

Great Fish Kahn on his last stab at spring steel

Great Fish in the sun and high wind Kahn

Well as you can see by the pictures we got a great big rain yesterday.  Anyway the area needed it so should bring the last of the steel in and give the trout plenty to eat for a couple days.  Want to thank WaterMark Risk Managment for a great week of fishing, the dry fly fishing is going to be king soon get your evening dates secured they are going fast.....

See ya on the creek

Captain Mike