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Saturday, November 23, 2013


Nick with a big chrome hen! Epic battle with this fish! Great Job Nick!

 A great colored up buck for Steve.

 Corey with a big red buck! This is a beautiful fall fish!

 Even I got one in lots of steelhead in right now!

Al with a nice chrome hen in the cold!
The fishing has been very good with huge numbers of steelhead in the river! Not to mention trophy size on a lot of fish! This is the best year for big fish in along time. This is the year to be after steelhead. With many fish landed over 10 pounds this is the year to chase big steelies. I have dates available call today to schedule your steelhead fishing trip today! -Steve Cornetet
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Monday, November 18, 2013

Fishing report 11-18-13

 Fishing has been great! lots of large chrome fish in the river

 Chris Cornetet with a beautiful fish on the swing!

 My dad and I with a true double! Generations of steelhead fisherman!

 George with his first but not last chrome steelhead of the day.

 Brad with a great looking steelhead

 Karen with her first steelhead!

 Lorel with her fist steelhead. What a great fish!

 This is my favorite part of fall! Look at the color in this fish.

 A big buck I caught on my day off.

Brad scores again with a great fish!
Fishing has been very good and should continue to be good. The fish have been fresh and hot! The river has continually had fresh fish moving into it so there is a lot of chrome around. There are also a lot of nice colored up bucks around.The size of the fish are still greater than usual. If you want to chase steel with us call today! -Steve Cornetet
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Monday, November 11, 2013

Fishing Report 11-11-13

 Jim with a nice chrome steelhead

 Art with an early morning steelie

 All the way from Sweden Gunnar with a big chrome steelhead 

 Kirby with his first steelhead on a fly rod

 Sean with a beautiful fall buck. One of many for the day.

 Kurt with a beautiful chrome fish

 Greg with a very large chrome hen. His first steelhead to hand.

 The first of many for Dave

 Very large fish in the river this year

A nice chrome bullet even I got one in.
The fish are at peak numbers now and the Pere Marquette is fishing the best it has all fall. The fish continue to be very large this fall. Don't miss your chance to catch the steelhead of your dreams. If you want a chance to chase trophy steelhead call the lodge today! -Steve Cornetet
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

11-5-13 Hunting Report!!

People have been asking for more Ella Pictures
 so here she is with here new waders this fall
 she is Daddy's Girl

Dallas and Mike enjoying the fall fun
 and hunting behind blue

Blue on his game with big Dave


Ella with her Baldwin Creek Pumpkin

Minnie Mouse (I am getting Old!)
One of our Guides Chris Cornett Shoots this Nice Lake County Buck With a Cross Bow, Come Enjoy a Deer Cast and Blast, Steelhead and Whitetails' Nothing Better

Grouse have been tough some days
 but the woodies are no match for Mr. Blue
Blue's tongue is always bleeding

Well answered some emails with some Ella pictures
 and wanted to know that our logo
 is a gun and a fly rod for a reason. 

See ya on the creek 
Captain Mike