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Monday, May 23, 2011

5-23-11 Fishing Report

Dry Fly Season is Here!

This fish hit a waking fly

Believe it or not there are still fishable #'s of steelhead

Great fish by Mike

Great fish by Mike C

Mike enjoying the day before the rapture

Great group trip with the Ross Family

George the Animal CPA with his first steelhead on a Fly

Babe Ruth : Brad called his shot on a nice Big MO buck

All the bugs are hatching and I have no more official steelhead trips but there are still quite a few pockets of them around in particular rivers. With the cold weather continuing the bugs will slowly hatch every decent night making a great extended dry fly season.

I have a few openings this week,,,,give us a call and get on some of the best dry fly trout fishing of the year. P.S. saw several big stonefly's (Pteronarcys) on the screens this morning ((Terry Time is Here!!))

See ya on the creek....

Captain Mike


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mother's Day with my Daughter visiting my Mom.

Dan with a nice girl

Dave with an old defensive male

This little guy fought great

Nice Pic Danny

Great fish for the Brit

This fish came before the hail

Jason with his first fish of his trip

After the hail from the day before on the big man, the mo was much nicer

Chairman of the steelhead slut fraternity Dr. Bell with a nice big water buck

Jason with a grip and grin

Jason was on his game on the big mo

"Hall of Famer" with another buck

"Prodigy" Nice white shirt

BW with a nice girl

Great day on the Mo with the Woidan bro's

Florida guys know how to fish, First steelhead for Burt

Brian enjoys the warm weather and the hard biting steelhead

Early morning steelhead

Burt strikes with a nice hen

The fish have been fighting great in the warm water

2 bros enjoying a day on the river

Cody senior in high school with his first steelhead

#2 is a very nice fish for Cody

The best graduation gift a kid can have skip school go steelhead fishing,,,,great job Ben with your first steelhead!

Hey guys for s0me reason the steelhead will not end,,,,,,With the warm weather coming be ready for great dry fly fishing on the P.M. I have some open days next week Mon. -Wed 23-25 shoot me a call for my favorite fishing of the year.......

See ya on the creek..

Captain Mike


Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Fishing Report

Mr. Dan Corbett with his first male steelhead of his trip

Pretty streamer eating steel....

Nice fish Mr. Tennessee

Chris with on ole Wiley buck

We had another cold week, Mr. Corbett looks like Mini version of me

"Top that"

There is no other steelhead fisherman I know who can drink a 12 pack (pop of course) have literally no-working hip joints and steel slam steelhead.

Chris assaults the Big Man

Finally a warmer day

Dark water makes for aggressive steelhead

After loosing several great fish Dan finally gets an old aggressive male to really rip the fly, also half of a double the other half got knocked off by Captain Mike

Some David Chappelle and chrome steel, nothing is better

We nominated Chris into the steelhead slut fraternity

Big Ugly hex nymph took this hard fighting skipper

Karl swings things off on a nice cloudy day with a big buck steel

Mr. Stearns former school principal puts this girl into detention

The cold weather has keep the steelhead around this year

Karl with a hard fighting buck

Wow the water warmed up and so did the fish, Mikey V and Larry go 2 for the world on Friday, great day had by all, we didn't have to worry about camera batteries!!!

Well we have 2 more weeks of great steelhead fishing left on the Big Man, and MO------The dry-fly trout fishing on the P.M. will take off like a rocket here with this warm weather. I was surprised @ even with the clear water the P.M. streamer fishing is there.....This is why this is my favorite time of year.....

I have this Sunday the 15th open and the 16,17th next week.....

see ya on the creek,,,

Captain Mike