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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

5-26-09 Memorial Day Fishing Report

Almost one year my wife and I have been married----- all the pictures I have of her---This tops the cake,,,,,,,,Streamer Steelhead- I think we will all agree the tug from a big fish on a streamer is addictive,,,,,,,,We still have steelhead on the tailwaters,,,,read down to the next post to check on our dry fly fishing,,,,,Right now we have some rain and should have some good streamer fishing for browns and the occasional steelhead ..... The grey drakes on the mo last night were really sepectacular!!!!!!!!

See you on the water
Captain Mike

Monday, May 25, 2009

5-25-09 Fishing Report

The trout hatches are here,,,,,sulfurs, henys, blue quills, and the great gray drake hatch is here,,,,with the colder water temps fish are still coming to streamers and we hooked our first steelhead on a dry this season.......

Waking season is here as the Giant Michigan Stone Fly is awaking.........Salmon Fly's @ night,,,,,,,Deer haired body streamers are working also.....and the ever none deer haired mouse is working.....

We want to welcome someone new to the family. George..............The "black lab" in the picture with Winston. Josh adopted George from a nice home from the city, he is a year and half and a seems to be adjusting well to life here at Baldwin Creek,,,stop and say hi

If you are looking for a hex trip they will be here in the next two weeks depending on the weather........
Book now we are booking up fast,,,,,,,,,,
I expect Father's Day to be around the peak,,,,,,,

Here are pictures of a couple days of fishing with best buddy W.C. Paetz guide for Teton Valley Lodge in Idaho,,,,, and Josh and Me on the water.....Come join our guides on the P.M. and the Mo for some of the best mayfly hatches in the country

Captain Mike

Saturday, May 16, 2009

5-16-09 Baldwin Area Fishing Report

High water steelhead can be a ton of fun,,,,,,Thursday afternoon when me and Wayne hit the windy MO for some great late steelhead fishing the MO was at 2800 c.f.s.,,,yesterday afternoon when great first time steelheaders Chris and Pete from Chicago left the MO it was 6,000 c.f.s.,,,,,needless to say the river is raging.........The fish were biting much better in the high water and were a whole lot of fun to fight,,,,,,,,,,I did manage to some how fall out of the boat landing one of the big males that Chris landed,,,,,his first steelhead! Great Job,,,,,,,,,It can be a little nerve racking being in a river that is moving that fast..Lost my prescription Action Optics and almost my hat but I learned to pay attention a bit more after the high fives.....Chris and Pete said that was the fastest they had ever seen someone jump back into the boat. You will see one of those pictures my waders are full..............Every picture except good friend and steelhead expert Mike Tosick were these clients first steelhead!!!!! After this rain we still have another week of good steelheading on our tailwater to the north and south.................With some warm weather our hatch season on the P.M. will be upon us..........We have some open guides next week give us a call

Captain Mike

Saturday, May 9, 2009

5-9-09 Fishing Report

Happy birthday Winston!!!! The big 5.........................I guess he was tired from all the festivities.......... The tailwaters to the north and the south are still fishing great for steelhead......Josh, Tom, and Blair have opening's this week,,,,I have May 22, 26, 27, 28 off,,,,,After this Friday it's trout and our great P.M. hatches,,,,,,,According to Josh the dry fly fishing on the P.M. last night was great....

Great fishing with Dr. Bell,,,,,,one day on the Big Man, the next on the MO----indi fishing on the big rivers can be a whole lot of fun.....

Mr.Cutler, and Schwab great job,,,,and Bill way to fight that fish like a 40 year old!!!!!!

See you guys on the river
Captain Mike

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

5-6-09 Fishing Report

Still seeing the albino deer on the drive up north,,,,the steel are still around in fine #'s,,,,,

We have open boats this weekend,,,give us a call