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Sunday, March 30, 2008

3-30-08 Fishing Report

Hi guys fishing has picked up some but a little off for this time of the year. We actually have been hooking quite a few hungry drop back female's in the lower p.m.,,,,trout have been hungry,,,,,our guides have some openings this April,,,,email for our availability.

Great fish by Mike !!!!!First cast of the morning Steel on!!!!!!!!!!We have a steelhead fisherman!!!!!

See ya on the water
Captain Mike

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

3-26-08 Fishing Report

Hi guys sorry it's been so long,,,,,,,,,,What we have happening as of right now on the p.m.,,,white,,,tribs of the man,,,etc are the fall and winter fish that were in there have all spawned and gone,,, when i say all that is general but the going is getting tough,,,,,,,,we are waiting for that spring push and a warm snap is going to make that happen......The big tailwaters to the north and south have fish in them but there not always happy to bite because the water temps are off,,,This is the time of year that bait guys can really hook a lot more fish than artificial guys......anyway as always late April well, well into May will be our best steelheading........I have some scattered dates open and a fair amount in May which should be some great steelheading,,,,,send me an email to check out my availability........

These pictures are of my trip to the White River in Arkansas and MO with super guide Jeremy Hunt,,,Look at that brown that his girl landed wow,,,Ever seen a rainbow that fatttt, I wish our great Governor would plant fish like that,,had a great time delivering his new StealthCraft,,,,,see you guys on the water

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March 5 2008 Fishing Report

Hi guys,,,

Fishing has really picked up lately,,,,The P.M. is starting to open up (bring your saw if your floating new trees down),,,,,The big Man is fishing good and so is the MO looks like we are going to have a good spring........If your looking for some dates this spring give me an email quick my spring is starting to get real full......,,,,,,,,

Here are some great pics of steel from my best buddies on a local unnamed trib,,,also are some great local kills at a local ranch,,,lot of fun with a bow

get out and fish

See you at the Midwest Fly Fishing Show in Warren and at the Grand Rapids Show the next weekend...