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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2-25-09 Fishing Report

The push of fish seems to be in. Pastor Jeff took his son out for his 13th birthday. We had a nice day on one of our unknown tributaries that we fish. We never saw a fresh footprint in the snow. Finally after a couple nice fights Pastor Jeff connected on his first fly rod steelhead ever. His son Elijah did a great job handling the cold--- "icy guides again" and hooked a nice fish that got the best of him. Buy the end of the day everybody was cold but had learned a bunch about steelhead fishing and we had a nice enjoyment of the north woods.

Josh, Tom and Blair have open dates come take advantage of our best value in the business 200 dollars half day trip for 2 w/lodging. 275 dollars for a full day for 2 w/lodging prices only good until March 15th.

See you on the river
Captain Mike

Thursday, February 19, 2009

2-19-09 Fishing Report

Hi guys the whole river is in great shape,,,,,people have been hooking fish through out the system and the whole system is now open with winter's grip letting back it's clutches just a hair,,,,,,The launches can be tricky call the U.S.F.S. and ask what launches they currently have plowed 231-745-4631. As you know the farther down river you go the dumber the steel are.........I will be @ the Chicago show this weekend see you all there. Josh, Tom and Blair are here to take you guys out and hook fish,,,,,

Don't forget about our winter specials 200 for half day 275 for a full,,,,,,,lodging included,,,,,,that's a cheap date,,,,,,,,
see ya on the river
Captain Mike

Monday, February 16, 2009

2-16-09 Fishing Report

Hi guys Josh was out with Joe, and Rob yesterday and they had good fishing for a couple hours during the warmest part of the day and got a few fish to the net. The water conditions are looking better and a guy on foot can get around in the bug water if he uses his head. Looks like the next couple days are going to be the time to get up here and fish as we are getting below the magic 25 degree mark after Wed.
We are still have our winter specials until March 15th, half day guide trip with lodging 200, full day w lodging for 275. With our current economy value goes a long way, come up and stretch your legs in the north country.......

till then, Captain Mike 231-745-4401

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2-11-09 Fishing Report

Well me and Jeff had a great time enjoying the river yesterday wow was it nice,,,, but once again we were fishing behind a lot of really good fisherman,,A lot of guides fun fishing etc.,,,We did hook up with two steel and a couple small trout but we did not quite get them to the net. One of the fish was for sure in the teens and was very chrome for sure a new fish,,,,I chased it a ways down river to no evail,,,,,, so that's good news,,,the river is coming up and may be a tough go down river, we will see what this rain does for us today,,,,,

We have some opening's this weekend if you want a valentine's float with your wife-girlfriend and you take advantage of our winter special

talk to you soon
Captain Mike

Monday, February 9, 2009

2-10-09 Fishing Report

Today me and Big Joe went out for a halfer on the upper P.M. we had a two hour period where the fishing was really good and then it was just cigar smoking and casting but what another great day on the river. Eggs worked the best for us,,,and I think we did quite well considering we were fishing behind a couple pretty good guides on there day off,,,,,
We are still offering the half day trip and lodging for 200 and a full day with lodging for 275 ......
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captain mike


2-09-09 Fishing Report

Hi guys a lot of people had cabin fever this weekend and got out and enjoyed the river. My snowmobilers did not like the warm up but the fisherman did. We decided to opt out of the fly water and head down river yesterday with Steve and Dave because of the very heavy pressure in the fly water. It was a good choice the water was in better condition, no people we did not see one human and the fishing was good. We had some good battles that did not get on the camera, and another spotting of the golden eagle,,,,I will talk to you guys soon
Captain Mike

Thursday, February 5, 2009

2-05-09 Fishing Report

Dave & Dave had a tight schedule to work with and the warmth of yesterday morning tricked us into giving some fly fishing a shot. I kind of laughed as I looked at the forcast on anyway we got outside and it felt moderate (no wind),,,,so off we went an hour into the float the wind picked up and we went more for a boat ride than anything else the 8 degree temps made fly fishing close to impossbible but we still gave it a try and even fooled a couple trout,Learned how to indicator fish much better and actually had fun,,I guess it's better than being at work,,,,we did see bald eagles and a ton of hungry deer.....

We are still having our winter special one nights loding full day guide trip 250, one nights lodging and a half day guide trip 200 (add 25 a night for Fri, & Sat) That's a cheap date and a lot of fun.

By the looks of the 10 day we are going to start to break through mega-artic winter into some winter steelheading weather. I have people taking advantage of trips on Sat. Wed. and next Fri but I am wide open to break our cabin fever,,,,and our other guys are wide open

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Monday, February 2, 2009

2-2-09 Fishing Report

It sure looks like are weather is finally starting to moderate, so lets take the gear out behind the snow blower and get out and fish. I know our starving deer could use a bit of a brake. We have a few days of freeze again but the long term looks nice after Thursday 2-5-08. I enjoyed seeing everyone at the Kentuckiana Fly Fishing show in Louisville KY this past weeked and we are looking forward to seeing you at the Chicago show this month and Outdoorama at the end of the month. Anyway I did get on a walk in trib north of me with Rod and we stuck a few fish in almost balmy like conditions last week. The hot fly's should of been small nymph's this time of year but all came on small erie style eggs (sucker spawn) but in my opnion presentation is always everything. Come take advantage of our winter specials until March 15th. Fully day guide trip for 2 with lodging 275, and half day guide trip for 2 with lodging 200,
see ya on the river
Captain Mike