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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey Day 2010 Fishing Report

Well the rain didn't do much in the coloration of the water but it seemed to move the fish around and considering the bitter cold a shot of chrome in the arm can really help. Covering lot's of water and keep swinging for the fences will get you a bent rod. If you have only experienced spring steelhead you should come up and feel the tranquil of this time of year, it's fun not being able to see the fish.......

That's a great father and son shot!!!

As you may know or not:::: Tony is the best Autistic Steelhead Fisherman in the country and one great friend

Father and son having a blast on the P.M.

Tony says "that's two"

Tony says "That's 3",,,he is really good with #'s

Dad (Vince) last of a great day

T.T with an epic battle,,,if you are in a 2 mile radius you will be sure to hear Tony when he lands a big steel.

Big Tony with his first of the day

Tony put's the hurts to a skipper

Vince with a great male,,,getting close to the wood is important this time of year

Joe. Swantek still landing big steel, at the young age of: (he says no comment) (Green nuke egg was the fly of choice),,,,,Boy this was a cold morning after the 65degree weather we had Monday, it was 28 and windy,,,,Joe really warmed up when his indicator went way dowwwwwnnnnn...... This fished jumped 5 times

Finally!!!! We said...........Sandro with a great Steelhead after going like 0 for the world
Mike with day 2 of Steelhead fury
Mr. Chicago gets the afternoon going
I hate when I forget my normal camera Nice fish Mike

Big Mike with a swung steel

The Steelhead ambassador Big Joe with the best fight of the year, fish fight good when the water warms up.......We had 65 degree outside temps, Monday
Captain Mike open guide dates: Nov.30th, Dec. 2, 3rd
From my Golden Winston, Daughter Ella, Captain Mike and Wife Catie
Happy Thanksgiving
Get Outside
See ya on the creek!!
Captain Mike

Saturday, November 20, 2010

11-20-10 Fishing Report

No Rain as of yet but we are still having fun chasing silver. Stealth and persistence pays off!!! We are still enjoying decent fishing considering the tough water conditions. Steelhead have to eat, and they know that winter is setting in,,,,each one of these rod rippers is memorable

John Kluesing puts Hamid on a great chromer, It's winter hat weather!

Mike and Captain Mike converge on a fall steel....

Mike with a nice early morning skip

Mikey with a hard fighting chromer

Mr. Chicago with a great looking buck

Sorry about the smaller shots, the program would not format the pics correctly. Mr. November Joe Reed has a great fall after-n0on.

These fish really rip line, send that back to Chicago young man
A bit sunnier than I would like but we connected throughout the day

Mack with a huge coho, along with a giant early morning steelhead,,,Big fish missed the camera this day for Mack, great day previously grouse hunting Doc.
Opening day steel on the steelhead bugger for Mr. November--- What a fight---Why go fish for Tarpon this fish was out of the water more than in.
Captain Jack with Captain Mike. This is my Wiley father he got me hooked on fishing at a very young age.

I have some good fall steelhead dates opening up: Nov.29-30

See ya on the creek,
Captain Mike

Monday, November 8, 2010

11-8-10 Fishing Report

Hi been a while since the last post. Things are low and clear but with proper presentation and a little Stealth we have been getting some fish to the net. Fall Steelhead are really the king of the fresh water when it comes to a fight. Small egg patterns, some nymphs, instinct bites like big streamers and of course a bit of hardware sprinkled in. This time of year fly's can keep up with bait.

Mark with a nice fall coho

Steve with a really nice king landed for Nov. 7th caught on the swing

Marky Mark with a nice skip
Great shirt Im Rick James!!!!
Cold Fingers hot steel

Fall rod rippers there is nothing better,,,,this guy came on a very bright flashy streamer

Great fight for Officer Mac---taz him dog

Skips love egg patterns

My favorite way to end the day after a long day on the water
The clocks have went back so less time on the river

16'SuperFly on it's way to a new proud owner

16' Mossy Oak Superfly

Fall Chr0me is king,,,,Great job Kevin

Vern finally connects with the net after a couple heartbreakers

I wish we had more silver salmon,,,they are so aggressive

Kevin likes when the indi goes dowwnnnn
Indi fishing with fat lines is a great technique this time of year

Mr. Reed with a hot fish

The tug is the drug with a swung streamer

Twilight Steel says Joe
Bald Eagle sitings are on the rise

Hardware is a fun way to cover water this time of year

Big E with a great fish

Big E with one of many from this great day

Big or small ho's and bows are my favorite

Early Chrome

One of many great kings we got last week

Dustin and Josh salmon slayers

Doubles it is!!1

Browns love eggs this time of year

Dustin the king stud

Tony one great salmon fisherman with his proud dad Vince

That is a smile that is contagious

Big T with his second King ever, this young man has had a rocky road health wise,,,, but his great attitude is so much fun to be with on the river!!!!

Finally we got it to the net! What a great bud Tony is to fish with

I have this Sunday 11-14, next wed. 11-17,18,22 open come feel the thrill of fresh fall Steelhead.
Maybe come cast and blast with us nothing like floating the river with a rod in your hand and a gun/bow close to the other.

See ya on the creek Captain Mike