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Saturday, July 9, 2011

7-9-11 Fishing Report

Me and the Girl having fun in Maine at L.L. Bean and enjoying the same beach the Bush's use in Kennebunkport Maine

No good excuse for taking forever to post some pics of this year big bug festival but I did have some issues with my shock proof water proof Olympus taking a puke and having to have some great big fish pic's emailed to me, I have more that I am trying to get off the chip so those clients that are missing pics. I will get them to you. Enough about that crazy weather this June we had a definite late hex hatch and it was fun, usually not many hours of fishing but if you capitalize on that time you can score. We still have some big bugs coming off on some walk in tribs near me, also the big chrome fat summer kings are in, along with some great hopper fishing.

Bobby with smart fish late in the night

Camera phones stink

That is a serious man on a mission finally gets the monkey off his back with a great MI trout

Dub with his final Brown of MI

The start of the hex

Dr. Sprague with a real pretty fish

Big Brian making something out of nothing on a tough night

Snapping Necks

Cashing Checks

Finally my man Davey from San Fran scores with a big brownie

Ralph Ross with his first night hex brown

Holly Ross with a great night brown her first big night trout

Better pic's to come

Allen from Oregon with a stupid size fish

Kevin with a great trout

Ray with a great trout

I have Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday Off this Week come up and lets have some fun