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Sunday, March 16, 2014

3-16-14 Fishing Report

My favorite Girl Steelheader! Casey Lands One on a Tough Bite

First Steelhead for Dr. Stacey !

Eric Starts the terror

Nick with a real ugly brown

Guide Steve with Stacey Family

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That is a Fresh Fish!

Tom Lands a nice brown on a tough day!

Rog just back from Cancun High of 33 that is what heaters are for!

Everyone's favorite Vet Dr. Mac lands a nice fish with guide Chris Cornetet

Dean proud with Green and Steel

Our Guide Service is on the prowl, Dave has been on the Big Manistee - Bear Creek - and the P.M.  Cornetet brothers have been busy keeping the fish educated on the P.M.  I have been remodeling the lodge looking to come out of retirment potentially if the weather get's in the 40's.  Were going to have a crazy good spring, looking forward to it, if you haven't booked your spring date don't wait it's coming soon!!!

See ya on the creek
Captain Mike

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Fishing Report 3-8-14

A lot of chrome fish moving up the river now 

Cory with a stud brown
 Chris doing what he does.. swinging up steelhead!

 Big browns and shelf ice

 Chris with a Brute on the swing

 My dad with yet another beautiful buck

 Another gorgeous Pere Marquette steelhead

 First fish of the day breaking in the new stealth

 The second fish shortly after.

 Mike with a great looking steelhead and a great looking boat!

 This is why we have headlights

 Mike making the last cast of the day count

 Another low light steelie

 My dad with great brown

 When Cory isn't building boats he is usually out with us terrorizing steel.

 Nothing like standing on the shelf ice to catch chrome

 A big hen caught around the ice flow

 My dad with one he caught in between ice flow

 Stephen's first steelhead of the day on his birthday float

 Jon with a beauty!

 Happy birthday to you! Stephen with a 18 pounder!

Last cast of the day! Many great things happen on a last cast!
     The fishing has been on fire! There are tons of new fish in the river and the browns are everywhere and seem to be quite large overall. With spring temps finally here the fish have been very aggressive and plentiful. The fish continue to be enormous and as hot as they are in the fall! The river is opening up more and more stretches daily allowing us to fish un harassed fish. The streamer bite continues to be good Chris has been getting fish near daily on the swing. If you haven't been able to get out this year you owe it to yourself to get out after some of the largest steelhead the Pere Marquette has ever seen! This is the year records will be broken! We still have a few spring dates available so call today to schedule the trip of a lifetime. We work as hard as we can to provide a good fun experience and most of all slimy hands and smiles!  - Steve Cornetet

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