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Saturday, August 28, 2010

8-28-10 Report

John April's Cool 13' Sniper (Winston spots a feeding fish)

Off to the Rockies goes another StealthCraft!

My wife Glowing with a future fly fisherman: Home stretch is here!!

Toledo based Brian having fun throwing small attractors on the P.M.

Just a couple more day's of trim (4 layers of carpet and viola hardwood floors)

A team building day for StealthCraft employees; me on the oars and Brett on the Rod
Well done Brett on his first King on a CrankBait!!!!

Pro photographer Nicole posing with Captain Mike on a Nice Summer Day

Early morning aggressive kings,,,that hit is addictive!!!!

Hi guys sorry for the biggest lapse ever for me on reports but I have been super busy. As many of you many already know I am going to be a father in a than a week so I have been busy remodeling our home, guiding some and building boats. Needless to say no spare time for much of anything that starts with the word F. Fun, Fishing Etc. if you catch my drift,,,,
As far as a fishing report--- Here it Goes: I have been trout fishing on the upper P.M. (small mayfly's, trico's) in the morning,,,,hoppers as the warmth of the day comes----Trout fishing on the Pine- (hoppers, nymphs) ((this river is fishing better each year after the 08 flood))---The Little Man. also surprised me on the trout fishing last week.
The big fish are at least 3 weeks behind from last year and probably a good week from normal. The rivers to our north have had a few more fish in the them the P.M. is just getting started.
I have a few key dates open from cancellations. These are actually all dates that should be after the baby is due. (Sep. 5th)
Here is what I have open for this fall. Sep. 7-8th, and the 15-16 of Sep. then I am all sewed up until Oct. 16th.
Hope to see you guys soon
See ya on the creek,,,
Captain Mike