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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Happy trout opener to all..... We still have low clear water but with patience and lots of sun screen we are hooking some fish. Big Andy Molnar still striking @ 78 well done. Ryan is not a steelhead virgin anymore, Dr. Bell once again lays his hands on double digit # fish. The Fuson boys round up some fish @ the last bell.
I have May 10,13 open
see ya on the creek
Captain Mike

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fishing has been good to bad depending on how much sun is around,,,,,We still really need rain,,,,,Dry fly action is heating up with the low water and hungry trout....
Open guide dates: May 3-4
See ya on the river
Captain Mike

Saturday, April 17, 2010

4-17-10 Fishing Report

Well of course we need rain again but we are putting fish to the net,,,cloudy days are a nice thing also,,,,,we could use another push of rain to bring in some more fish,,,,,,Today we finally had steelhead weather again,,,,,,,The tailwater's to our north and south are just starting to heat up along with some northern walk in rivers,,,,
see ya on the creek,,
open guide dates 4-29/ 5-3
Captain Mike

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

4-14-10 Report

Fishing has went from easy to working hard quickly,,the peak for the P.M. probably hit Easter Sunday instead of April 13-18,,,We are still battling and making it happen just not as easy as I would like it,,,,,My camera has been giving me fits trying to upload pics -----to many drops in the boat,,,, Things look like they are moving fast with the warm weather,, the dry fly rod has made an appearance in the boat. We are walking in on some rivers to our north and the tailwaters to the north and south are taking center stage.
Open Guide Days: April 29th, May 4th, May 7th
See ya on the creek!
Captain Mike