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Friday, April 19, 2013


Things are starting to rock on the P.M.

Well the water is getting up there but it is still fishable

Mr Reminder with his first steelhead

Jerry with one of many that rainy day 72 and still striking!

Mr. Tran looks young with a hat on.

Lt. Graham  with his first steelhead

Young Lee with a nice steelhead


Stevo with a great buck

Dave has an epic fight with this chick

Great Bro. Picture the Branigan's Know Steelhead  Great week Matt and Andy

The Streamer Bite is rocking Steve Says

Low light conditions have been great!

Nice Brownie

Well it's time, the water is up and so is the fishing.  If there was anytime to hire a guide would be know the water is high and dangerous but the fishing is great!!!!  Give us a call we have a few openings for some prime steelheading we will have fish until memorial weekend!!!!
Captain Mike

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

4-9-13 Fishing Report

Grip in grin for mac, with GuideBig Dave on the Big Man

This is serious Mac see the water before the rain

Nice buck the p.m. is coming up

Bob with a nice fish see the water after the rain

Guide Steve Cornete netting a wild buck

Nic hen in the rain

The classic Simms line there is not bad weather just bad dressers

Jim with a big buck rain is in the forecast!

Nice fish Matt!!!

Streamer eating trout!!!


Andy looks WARM

Mr. Craig with a steelhead with an angry nose!

Guide Big Dave with a Streamer Eating Steel

JR. in high school Owen with a 2 day steelhead bonanza

Well earned steel Don!!!

Jeff with a nice girl on a very soggy day!
Doubles with Captain James

Matt with a nice buck, love that cold rain!!!

Julian with a nice fish

James ,Martin and a wild P.M. Buck

Cahn has been waiting all winter for this!

Feed the go pro addiction!

Rain is here at the moment bringing in the next batch of steel, the colder weather will have the fish slowly moving out of the river making for a nice slow run this year. If you haven't got your steelhead date in don't worry we will have fish around especially in our tailwaters until the end of May!!! We have a few good dates opening up for April should be better weather and great fishing!  Get on the phone give us a call and get your date, we have 3 more weeks of great steelhead fishing on the P.M. and then we will switch to trout and move to the tailwaters for steelhead.  We have a great group of guides come get some !!!!!
See you on the creek!
Captain Mike