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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


T-Mac with his last fish of the P.M.

Tom with a Big Man Salmon Alvein Eating Beast that literally ripped the rod out of his hand Great Fish

Nice Buck Terry

D.C. Fly Fishing enthusiast wrestles a P.M. Buck

Wild Hens are fun

Great Hat Tom

Cold High Sun and Wind Great Steelhead Conditions,,,yeah right

Big Mo Girl for Terry, An Egg Sucking Leech Works Anywhere!

Heavy Wind on the Big Mo hold onto your Hat!!! Literally

Who said the steelhead run is over, a little rain and some patience in heavy wind, and high sun, and you can make something happen.  Tom and Terry fished with me recently 3 rivers in 3 days what a blast!!!!Big Mo, Big Man, and the P.M. all giving us some shots at steel along with some nice trout fishing!!!

I have my first open days since mid feb. 4-25, 4-27, next Friday 5-4-12.

See ya on the creek.....

Captain Mike

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

4-18-12 Fishing Report

Randy made it rain with a first cast steelhead, in front of the crowds

Mr. Jahn a.k.a. Hen Duster great job!

Mr. Downs strait from New York City on his birthday with a nice male!

Mr. Downs with a rainy hen steelhead

Ed with his first MI steelhead

Salmon Alvein's have been hot!

Poland's most proud Peter with a late evening buck

New fish on the P.M. provides a great fish for Peter

Ever steelhead fish in hurricane winds?

We had a little shot of rain helped things out, clouds and rain make for better steelhead fishing but warm sun and little wind will provide for dry fly trout madness.!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

4-12-12 Fishing Report

Paul with a nice Big MO Buck Very windy day but a ton of fun!

D.W. with his first of a very cold windy day

Pow, p.m. fun

Mac with a big man hen

High Sun Wind Low Water It doesn't get any better! Just Kidding But We are Making it Happen

Ole Wiley Vet. Steve Harrison with a Big Man Buck

Hendrickson's should start hatching with the warmer weather dry fly trout bumbs, steelhead and dry's it doesn't get any better!!!!!
We have a few open guides next week
See ya on the creek!!!!
Captain Mike

Saturday, April 7, 2012

4-7-12 Fishing Report

Dan the man with a nice night bite on the big man wading!!

Owen with a hard fighting girl

Owen staring the day with a salmon alvein eating male

High sun and lower water has brought the fish in deeper or shader spots

Mr. Dunn starts the day with a girl

Jim with a nice biting male

Pat does a great job on this fish!

The lovely lady from Tennessee with a nice fish

Dan with a nice male on the big man!

Great fish Dan!!! We miss you up here Chris!!!

Wayne with a nice Big Mo buck

We earned this big buck on the P.M.!!!
Dan with a nice P.M. Buck!!
Saam with a nice fish!
Saam shacking the rust off!!
Things have not ended yet get up here and enjoy some fishing!!!!!
See ya on the creek
Captain Mike