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Thursday, December 11, 2008

12-11-08-Fishing Report

Snow we have plenty..............Between working in the shop building boats doing some float hunting with good buddy John Kluesing and chasing around steel with real hard core clients I have been keeping busy. Steelhead are in their winter holding areas: P.M fish are scattered but concentrated amounts being in pockets from the upper to the middle with large dead areas in the lower..........the mo has been fishing good lately and the big man has been producing a couple a day..........

I have this weekend open the temps are right for some good fishing again,,,
see ya on the river
Captain Mike

Thursday, December 4, 2008

12-04-08 Fishing Report

Hi guys things are pretty good here we have a real white drop on everything,,,come join us form some winter Steelhead fishing,,,the fishing has been pretty good especially yesterday considering the rain and weather we had,,,my camera is on the fritz but I fished the mo and it fished good less people than normally obviously everywhere and the bait fisherman are really kicking but,,The mid-to upper pm is fishing good and the same on the big man,,,the little has been kind of a disaster this year with low water,,,

,,,Fly fisherman are hanging in there especially after the water warms up,,,,,,,My hot fly has been a articulated wiggle hex, hare's ear, and eggs of course,,,We got a few fish on the swing still in this cold weather on the mo.......

and smallish spawn bags and green and black wiggle warts seem to be working just a tad better see ya soon

Captain Mike 231-745-4401

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

11-25-08 Fishing Report

It seems more like December 25th rather than November 25th with the colllllld weather and snow. But the fish are there and the only way to keep your outer extremitites from going numb is fishing. From some old school wading trips for swinging for steelhead to garden variety winter steelhead nymphing you should get out and hit the river there are more fish in all of the systems I fish than there had been in a couple of years..........The warmer the day the better the fishing is: Great fishing with Matt and Andy all the way from Virgina fishing in mind numbing cold Fri, and Sat,,,,Trevor who had to fish with me the day of the curse,,,,Ryan for a swinging good time,,,and Paster Pat, Monica, and Trevor for enjoying the michigan snow yesterday we will have to get a picture of the nice fish Trevor ended up getting before lunch......

We have some great open winter steelhead dates:
Captain Mike

Friday, November 14, 2008


Well this big guy got away from someone as we found him still warm in the river........Steelhead have been hard to land of late with the light tippets needed to hook them,,,,,The P.M. is starting to fish a lot better than it was,,, as is the lower MO,,,,,,,,the big man. has been a constant in the lower river all fall- just the fish are starting to get smarter down there.........The little man. needs some water but there are fish around,,,,,,,,,So many good choices this time of year.......................

Our guides have some good dates opening up this week and our looking forward to putting you on some of the fresh batch of fish that have accended into the river......

Captain Mike

Monday, November 3, 2008

11-03-08 Fishing Report

We had the Guys up from North American Hunter-Fisherman this week to take pictures of product and write some articles about the local fishing here. Next time you look at a picture in a magazine you may be suprised what goes into it. What a great time showing National Writers what a great place Lake County is. Sandro and Mike finally cashed in on the Big Man this weekend after some struggles closing the deal on Steelhead on the P.M. the day before. A little variety always spices up your life. The Little Man Steelhead and Coho funtime is almost here probably one more week before we focus most of our trips there. Come enjoy a trip with one of our guides we have a few openings this week........

See ya on the water
Captain Mike

Monday, October 27, 2008

10-27-08 Fishing Report

We have been been struggling getting steel to the camera lately but not kings,,,,,The hard charges of the fresh fall steel have been tough on our light tippets,,,,,,We have some open fall steelhead dates,,,,
talk to you soon
Captain Mike

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

10-21-08 Fishing Report

Hi guys It's mostly a Fall Steelhead thing here on the Big river to the north but we have got a few steel to go in the lower p.m. There seems to be a nice spurt of steel in some rivers and there still is some decent kings around to play with,,,,,The traffic on the p.m. is chilling out with the Big Man still staying busy, we are heading to the little river to the north today to check on things and we have our fingers crossed for gold. If you have always wanted to do different kinds of steelhead fishing this is the time to do it from Indicator fishing for steel to swinging spey rods this is the time to do it. Fall steel crunch swung flys like kings hit stickbaits..........
We are still staying busy here if you want a chance to hit the water with me give me a buzz

Monday, October 13, 2008

10-13-08 Fishing Report

My oldest client this year @ the young age of 87 Peter Smith lands a dandy king and loyal customer Tom Siliver with friend Charles shows off his kings caught on the p.m.,,,,,,,with the warm weather this weekend except for the morning's,,,,,,,,, steel were are hard commodity to get to the hand,,,,Rain and some cool weather will help that front out,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,As per usual the Big Man is where the majority of the steel are and the lower p.m. holding a few.............

Our guides have some good fall steelhead king dates this week

see you guys on the river
Captain Mike

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

10-08-08 Fishing Report

Well there are still waves of new salmon coming in the lower p.m. When I say waves I mean it, sometimes they would not stop for even a break to bite but it looks very good for salmon for the next couple weeks. Yesterday Chuck and Tony and I did a late trip and fished until dark for the instinct bite, a couple lost lures a broken rod and a surge of action right at dark made it for a fun outing. Wow where did that pike come from swimming in a pod of kings.

Our other guide Blair did very well on Steelhead yesterday on the big man his boat landed 6 fish,,,,,If your looking for some steel give us a call we hooked one yesterday on the p.m. throwing mostly king lures and flys.........

We have a few prime October fishing and upland bird hunting trips.......

Give us a call