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Monday, May 5, 2014

5-5-14 Fishing Report

NRC Commissioner  Rex Schlaybaugh with a nice April Chromer

Matt Branigan from VA enjoys a week of steelhead bliss

Danny from Texas watches the snow melt on his steelhead vacation.

Dr. Bo holds a big buck

Jeff is getting to be a big fan of the p.m.

Got Walleye?

Mike Kersteter guide in NY on the Salmon comes up here and has to see what this fishery is like

Danny with Guide Chris Cornetete Nice Buck

Don our favorite Dad

Jim our favorite builder with a nice hen

Another year B. C.L Helps win the snagger

Owen with a giant steelhead, great job, this was his spring break!
T.Mac and Tom have a 3 day steelhead assault

Dr. Newman from MN comes up here to pick up his new stealthcraft and enjoy some fishing

Almost a smile for Dennis

Tom with a great 3 days with Terry

Nice spring we have had with some very high water and ups and downs we got through a very nice April.  The best thing is there is still a lot of fish around --steelhead wise usually things are ending around the midle of May this year they will go into June.  The tailwaters Big Manistee, Muskegan are just starting to heat up with there peak run.  We had fun on the White River, Pere Marquette, Bear Creek, Little Manistee, Now the Baldwin and all of the P.M.'s tribuatries are open.  The different options are what we love here in the heart of the century circle.  We have some good steelhead, trout dates open this month and I am anticipating some Hendrickson's to start coming on the warm days ahead along with our ever friend the Pteronarcys (Giant StoneFly) will start to hatch soon getting the trout off of eating steelhead eggs and on to hitting on the surface after dark, I can't wait. 

See ya on the creek,
Captain Mike