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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Dec 2nd Fishing Report

Hi Guys just want to say thanks for the great season..........There are fish around they just have a bit of lock jaw with no rain and super clear water...............the great thing is the traffic on the rivers have slowed down..........The picture on the the left is a big man swung fly male and the one on the right is a little man small egg female........Go light flurocarbon and lots of patience and you can have a bent rod.............Please keep me from the epoxy fumes of my other labor of love stealthcraftboats and lets go fishing............with the nice mix of coho's a picture with a fish is not out of the ?,,,,this time of year a half day trip makes a lot of sense,,,go from 11am till dark when the water is the warmest ...........give me a buzz and lest go fishing.......
Captain Mike 231-745-4401

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Nov 7- Fishing Report "Fall Steel"

We still need to do a rain dance but there are a few fish around you just have to go lighter and stealthier on your presentations. Most of all the rivers in the century circle have fish in the lower sections, and yes the kings keep coming unbelievable to see so many fresh kings this late..... That picture of the king was from today Nov 7 we caught on the swing, and there are a bunch that fresh around,,,after 3 months i am good to not see any kings but it was kind of impressive how late the run has been, anyways the north winds are pushing the cold water onto the beaches and the fish should start marching up no water or not...........
hope to see you soon on the water
Captain Mike

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The king run has really just started,,,,with the hot weather and low water i expect good looking kings well into the middle to late October,,,thank you everyone for your business and we have just started seeing are wonderful steelhead coming to the net..........
Looking forward to seeing you soon

Thursday, August 23, 2007

!!!"Heree Chinny Chin "!!!!

Tadd With His First King Ever. These fish really brawl when there coming in fresh. The water is a little on the coffee side but if you know where to look you should be able to pull a few fish out. I will say for sure as of 11:45 p.m. Thursday night all the tribs in Century Circle we fish are fishable, The water is high but because of the mega drought we have had the water seems to drop quite fast. I have been out solid since i got back from Alaska but i do have a few cancellations if you perhaps would want to tango with some rod rippers,,,,, Have fun and chill out this salmon season everyone,,,
Captain Mike

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Friday, August 3, 2007

Hot Weather = Hot Fishing

When the weather is really hot and the water is low and clear the terrestrial fishing is off the hook. With little in the way of hatches a trout can not resist a proper placed meal in front of them. The big fish of the fall are near and you can find a few here and there if you know were to look. If your looking to pull out some crafty browns on the pm or little man with me you have a really good hoppertunity.

till then
captain mike

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fishing on the P.M has been fair during the day with the best reports on Ants, Hoppers, and attractor flies, the best fishing is at night with mice or large surface flies. The water is up a bit right now and fishing with streamers can be good.

As you can see by the pics i went fishing with best buds Davey and Johnny Giuliani on the St. Mary's river in Canada. If you guys have ever thought about fishing for Atlantics or steelhead on the St. Mary's there is no better guy or guide. Many people go out with MI guides and think that fishing Atlantics is fishing at the Edision Plant, that is what is so great about Johnny is he can legally fish that great Canadian water. Plus he is really the pimp of the St. Mary's when it comes to knowing where the fish are and other things. He has a few Atlantic days open give hime a buzz at 1-705-942-5473 or 1-705-253-9017, once again this year I will be hosting salmon trips on no name rivers for the closest thing to Alaska fishing that we have in the Midwest with Johnny on Canadian tribs.

The cast for conservation for the P.M. watershed council is this weekend which is a great event and a great fundraiser for our river. If you are thinking about fishing the night tourney this weekend with a partner give me a call i still think we can get late check ins.

Till then guys
captain mike

Monday, July 2, 2007

Fishing Report 7-2-07

Hey guys when the fishing gets tough on the river we head to the bay, nothing like poling a flat fishing to smallies like this. This fish weighed 6lbs 4ozes. which may be a fly world record or damn close took a crawfish pattern. The P.M. is still fishing good for mice at night with the clear water, and attractor patterns with droppers (small nymphs) still some "dead dropbacks around". ((Mike and Jack didn't think so when little Jack almost gets the rod ripped out of his hand)) Lol.
see ya next time captain mike

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fishing Report 6-28-07

Well folks as i said in the last report we would have good hex fishing until the end of month and we still do, the colder weather may make things tough but the fish are still looking up,,,, I have a few select dates open in the next 10 days lets check off the fly fisherman's dream list and land a steelhead on a dry fly together, got to get some sleep see ya on the river
captain mike