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Thursday, October 21, 2010

10-21-10 Fishing Report

Hi guys amazinly still a bunch of fresh kings around the P.M. Steel are slowly creeping in more in the tailwaters but the p.m. has a few around. The rain last night did not do much but more is coming. We could use about 3 inches. Trout are starting to spawn alongside the big kings.....

thanks for a great salmon season guys,,,and we are coming into a decent steelhead season considering we have no water.....

I have some good dates starting to open up 10-28,29, Nov. 3,4
Grouse hunting, Late Salmon, Steelhead fall is fun

Big River--- Big Swung Steel, Sorry about the phone photo

Nice trout Larry

Nice Bird Day with Bob and Wes

Peter with a nice king

Jerry with a freshy

As you can see a very cold morning

Jim with a nice king

Top That! Chris

Dan with many over the 3 day salmon fest

Osprey in action

Father and son duel

Tenn. in the house

Dan with a epic fight

Egg eating king

Tom M with a nice fish

Nice egg eating brown

3 woodpeckers in one tree!

See ya on the creek!
Captain Mike

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10-10-10 Fishing Report

Wow the fall colors are something else this year!!!!! 0-4 for fall steelhead to my net this year so far. The Big Man is picking a few more on the steel side but mostly skippers as of right now. As you can see my prediction of a late run is right on track with peak like numbers coming in staging for a drink of higher water. Lots of nice looking trout rustling behind spawning fish. If you think you missed the salmon run it is still here in full force, with a rumbling of steelhead soon after a nice rain.

MSU Forestry Prof. (Larry) had a great day on the P.M. Go Spartans

Kathrin was one of my best first time anglers ever in my boat
Kathrin is also a MSU student, yesterday was a good day for the green and white

Kathrin with a big head shaking female, well done!

Great father - daughter day

Fall colors are post card like

Craig karate chopped this nice male! (he is a karate instructer)

Former principal Tom got his groove going nicely the other day in the lower p.m.

Nice group of friends enjoying there salmon week, Mike V, Tom, and Craig

Lee is as young as ever,, had a great couple day's hooking kings with me
The blue bird day's have been great but we could use some liquid from the skies
As Lee would say he is lucky that only the good die young!

Dr. Nash and Arnold join me for a late float and Arnold hooks up with his first king

John and Big Bill have a day off from the office and tee off on some high end king fishing

2nd of 3 landed doubles of the day

Kings have been liking Green Caddis

The Federated Boys put up some numbers on a cold Oct. morning

Les represents MSU with a nice king
Les and Al enjoying a great day on the P.M.

Al with a smallish king.....

Roger with a head shaking male

Finally Bill Says, actually one to the net,,,fresh kings are hard to land

Jon Kolehouse from www, enjoying his new StealthCraft

Dean and dad cash in on some fun kings

Peach was the yarn of choice a couple days ago

Mark and Justin on a great trip fishing

Marky is dialed in on kings

Not bad for your first time salmon fishing

I have a few clutch October dates open: Oct 20,24,29-31
See ya on the creek
Captain Mike