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Monday, March 30, 2009

3-30-09 Fishing Report

Big Jim enjoyed the snow with me on Sunday. Nymphs have been hot for us lately. We lost a lot of fish still because of probably the light line we had to run to cash in. We had a cool instance of Jim was in the tree and his rig was dangling over a run and a huge 15+ buck crushed it and ripped the rig out of the tree. Of course we lost the fish but it was really cool to see.
We have open boats this week come enjoy the P.M.
Captain Mike

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fishing has been really steady lately on the p.m. and some of the northern walk in tribs. Mike Tosick Mr. Indy and I had a great day fishing the p.m. and up north,,,,The fish have been very h0t lately with the warmer temps and we have had a lot of trouble landing them in the smaller tribs. If you look closely we were on the lower p.m. and the scenery shots are of a bald eagle that I could of rode home to the boat trailer really cool close shot. Next day with General Jim was a greatt day considering it was a Saturday,,,,we caught fish on top.........Black Caddis and midges were going gangbusters,,,,,and the steel were chasing streamers...........
But of course it's Michigan reality check time:::::we are expeting 4-6inhces of snow tomorrow so that should be interesting......I will let you know how that goes

We have open guide boats next week,,,,,,The fishing is good,,,,give us a call\

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

3-25-09 Baldwin Area Fishing Report

The last couple days the water temps have been in the lower 40's and the fishing has been decent. Josh and I got cancelled yesterday so we decided to take James Jr. out and enjoy our paid day off. This weekend Rob and Josh were out and they pitched a shut out on landed steel but did cash in on some nice brown activity. Look at the little rainbow they had on that got munched on by one of our 2'footers in the fly water, Rob had both trout on for a while but could not coax the 2'er in the boat hanging on to the trout. We are getting a much needed rain for the P.M any way---lets get as many fish over the wier as we can.............
We have a few open boat dates and open rooms
see ya on the water
Captain Mike

p.s. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Josh the curse is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

3-21-09 Fishing Report

The last couple days have been much cooler and the fishing has been different. The fish will come back off of the shallow stuff and head back to the holes. I wish I could just shut down like that when I am ready to go.............Anyway yesterday with Steve and Linda we got schooled by some hot fish in the lower river and only closed the deal with one really pretty fish..........Next week should be the week to come up,,,,,we have a few open boats and rooms

See ya on the river
Captain Mike

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

3-17-09 Fishing Report

Monday Dr. Walker and bro. Paul headed to the lower p.m. to avoid the crowds. The river was up and the fish were hot just a trout and some great scenery shots but a lot of hot fish that got our heart pumping and my waders wet.........

Tuesday Marky, Mark Mr. Bling.....and Stevo headed up higher and enjoyed the great weather,,,,,the high sun made the fishing tough but after scratching our heads a bit we found the hot fly............

We have some open boats give us a call,,,,,,
Capain Mike

Monday, March 16, 2009

3-16-09 Fishing Report

This weekend things were busy so I let Josh have fun on the P.M. and I went north to get away from the crowds. Saturday seemed to fish better for everyone over Sunday. But with this warm spell the fish that came in early are going to be looking for partners soon. We have a few late March openings available give us a call.

Captain Mike