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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Fishing Report

Last Saturday was Very Cold and so was the Fuson Boys but this fish warmed everyone

Roger with a Nice Steel on a bitter April Sunday

Big R. always catches the big males

Proclaimed Apple Aficionado Roger Anthony with another aggressive male.

Al due with a new baby soon lands a great female at the end of the day

Dr. Bill with a nice male steel

Dr. Bob with a streamer steel

Chris with a slob on a white streamer

We call these trout Jenny Craig's

Too much McMaster's whisky will keep your eyes closed all day

Chicago Tom with a nice steel

Tom loves to pick on the girls

T-Mac with a nice buck

Vet. of big fish Terry picks on another male!

T-Mac with a nice double striper

Tom with a very pretty fish

Tom with a rod ripping long fighting male!

Well folks last week was rough with the cold weather the fish kind of slowed down a hair, the tailwater's to our north and south really haven't even started yet and the P.M., Little Man, is still squeaking out a few fish here and there.......

If your worried that you may have missed your steelhead opportunity this year don't be sad we will have double digit fish days on the tailwater's until the middle of May, unless it turns 80 degrees for a week strait and I don't see that in our future...

I had this Saturday, Sunday opener of trout cancel April 30, May 1st,

other open dates May 5th, May 7th

See you on the creek

Captain Mike

Friday, April 15, 2011

4-15-11 Fishing Report

For some reason my blog is possessed so I cannot accurately word photos great job fishing this week, Doc Bell 2 day steelhead bender, Joe Reed great warm day on the water until the rain, Tomey family great job on your steelhead revenge, Henry the 8th nice brownie, Jim Dunn nice day steel fishing with you, Randy great job this year, Jim nice hat!, Steve H a forever pro. Hey guys I still have the cancelled days April 26-30 off these should be great tailwater steelhead dates. See ya on the creek, Captain Mike 231-745-4401

Saturday, April 9, 2011

4-9-11 (Spring is Here)

Hi there the water is coming down but I don't know for how long, we are supposed to get some rain Sunday. The fishing has been fun of late and it is good to get out with some friends that have been fishing with me for an awful long time..... Lee still striking at a young age Lee has been fishing with me for more than 15 years and the big brown has always avoided him... Red headed stones have been working well Ms. Reeves Detroit Public Schools Veteran Teacher scores with her first brown The 20" mark has been a tough one for Mr. Duhaime 2 great friends on the river together Ms. Reeves with her first steelhead ever! She was a great student of the game Clouds and Rain perfect steelhead conditions Marky Mark with his biggest steel to date Low light conditions have been producing great fishing Big Fly's and High water makes fishing fun! Marky with first steel to the net on a great trip! Royal Oak Policeman of many years and great friend Dave with a nice brownie Great fish marky Rick James was in the house this date Dave with a face only a cop can make, but by far the nicest looking fish of the year Fish have been fighting very hard in this high water Davey had his best fishing Day in a long time yesterday, he had the hot hand We have had some openings come up because of different work schedules (government threatening to shut down etc.) I have Tuesday the 12th off, and the 18th,19th, then 26th-30th, all of these are very good steelhead dates. The weather is nice get out and enjoy the fishing!! See ya on the creek,,,, Captain Mike 231-745-4401